Congratulations! I am delighted you have decided to learn more about “Bowenwork“. It’s truly the most important step you can take in your wellness program. The Bowen technique  incorporates multiple procedures to accommodate all types of injuries and ailments. It is truly a remarkable technique that can exponentially change the quality of your life, it changed mine! I do Bowen for one reason… it works! 

A Bowen treatment is gentle, but very effective. Because of the stress of various injuries, the body gets stuck and therefore begins to compensate itself, thus begins the endless cycle of pain, discomfort, and restriction.  Bowen assists the body to heal by resetting itself as when your were first born. I am just the facilitator, your body already knows how to do this. We work as a team, so to speak,  in returning you back to vibrant health.

Because of my own success with Bowen in dealing with a frozen shoulder, I was amazed at how quickly,  after the first treatment,  I had better range of motion. I was so impressed that I was determined to learn the technique. I became one of the first practitioners to be certified in the state of Pennsylvania in 2001;  I have been practicing ever since. My joy and satisfaction has been in the many recoveries of my clients of all ages from pregnancy to birth to 94 years of age. I am always humbled by the magic of this beautiful healing technique.

I look forward to meeting you and assisting you to get back to the life you deserve! Every body is better with Bowen!